Sally Lomax

Communications director

Directora de comunicaciones

Sally Lomax

Prior to joining Renovatio PR, Ms. Lomax worked at JP Morgan Chase in middle-market banking payment services. She has built her career around promoting international growth and expansion into new and emerging markets. She has successfully secured European, North American and Latin American markets for many companies seeking brand recognition, opportunities, competitive advantage, market penetration and positioning, strategic partnerships and an expanded global footprint.

Ms. Lomax previously served as an expert consultant for GLG Gershon-Lehrman Group for online technology platforms, where she provided her expertise on the global landscape of the online reservation industry to investment and private equity firms. As a business advisor to the executive team and Goldman Sachs’ board of directors at a privately held E-commerce company in New York City, she developed the company’s successful business case and requirements for an online booking SaaS-based platform that resulted in a multi-million-dollar investment by Goldman Sach’s shareholders.

Earlier in her career, Ms. Lomax was one of the early employees of OpenTable and was behind the platform’s international market expansion. She was responsible for identifying and developing new business opportunities in North America, Latin America and Europe, participated in the ongoing development and evolution of the platform, and negotiated many strategic partnerships that are still in place today.

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