Arnaud Dasprez

Senior Advisor - Digital transformation

Asesor senior - Transformación digital

Arnaud Dasprez

Arnaud Dasprez is a communication strategist who has a long track record in the digital transformation arena. He will be strategically involved in ensuring the marketing and communication success of all Renovatio PR ventures.

His digital communication career started in 1993 with founding the development of award winning CD-ROM encyclopedias promoting business opportunities in emerging economies in cooperation with the government (PPP) in Kazakhstan (1993) and Vietnam (1994). He also developed the first digital communication product in cooperation with MIGA, a member of the World Bank Group promoting tourism in Africa.

After successfully selling his digital publishing company, he founded HexaGroup, an international digital marketing agency specializing in digital transformation of the industrial market. He specializes in digital marketing research, marketing and communication strategy development and marketing technology and advises large corporations such as Schlumberger, Riviana Foods, Pentair and the National Oil Company of Liberia. He lectures on digital marketing at the University of Houston and constantly mentors students.

Mr. Dasprez holds a Master’s in Business Administration from IEA, Paris.

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