Developing each solution as a portfolio company with leadership, investor funding and technical talent.

Incubator Program

Why an incubator?

Members of the Renovatio PR leadership team have successfully deployed the incubator concept in other industry settings. This concept works especially well in areas such as budding technology, where there are numerous ideas seeking platforms for development, but there is no clear consensus on the final direction the market will take. Renovatio PR offers an advantage to talented visionaries through our willingness to take thoughtful risks.


We are armed with deep knowledge of consumer behavior and marketplace trends, as well as robust financial services expertise. To help startups focus on next steps, our experienced team will source, assess and refine your concept to help validate its technology and market direction to prove your company is enterprise-ready.


Breaking into the fintech market can be a challenge for any startup. Through investors, partners and financial structuring, successful applicants will gain investment opportunities as well as cutting-edge resources. Renovatio PR will help you enhance your industry exposure and position you to quickly expand into the fintech marketplace.


Through workshops, operational and management support, and access to a collaborative community with domain experts, your startup will gain the necessary advantages to develop your business faster. You will join a global network with some of the world’s leading businesses and growth-stage companies contributing to regional economic development through innovative technologies.

Accelerated Program

Beyond the early-stage concept development? Ready to build your first prototype and find your first customers? You may be ready for our accelerated program. Contact us for more information.