Tapping the brightest talent in the industry to ensure the forward motion of our ecosystem

Our talents work with startups on all facets of their business. We pride ourselves on tapping the best and brightest to serve our startups.

Who We Are

We are made up of technologists, developers, designers, infrastructure experts, strategic thinkers and feasibility specialists, offering a full scope of services from advising to execution.

How We Serve Startups

The roles of our talents are evaluated on a case-by-case basis in order to determine what is best for founders and the most efficient ways to help transform their ideas into a viable product or service. Our talents work collaboratively to expand our capabilities, focus on our strengths, and contribute to the overall success of crypto assets and the application of blockchain and distributed ledger technologies.

Why Work With Us?

  • We’re dedicated to helping companies that apply blockchain and crypto-currency technologies.
  • We specialize in our niche, allowing us to focus on growing the businesses in our sector.
  • We have years of expertise in business and fintech, and we love sharing it to grow the industry.

We’re currently hiring. Check out our job board or contact us.