Creating connections and building bridges

Renovatio PR forges partnerships that are built to last. By leveraging powerful connections between our founders and partners, these startups can quickly grow and scale.

Our Startup Partnership Model

Our dedicated partners work with us by investing in opportunities that drive strategic and financial returns across all sectors. Through their support, our business-savvy partners enable us to systematically incubate new businesses and business lines.

Benefits to Partners

Grow your relationships with other partners and network with other professionals.

  • Work firsthand with startups in the early stages of their businesses.
  • Expand awareness of your organization.
  • Help grow the fintech industry.
  • You can opt to mentor founders regularly, invest or launch a limited-time partnership.

Benefits to Founders

  • Learn from business leaders’ experience in all sectors.
  • Expand your network.
  • Grow your knowledge of fintech and how to succeed in business.
  • Take advantage of partners’ name recognition and leverage their clout as you launch your business.
  • Connect with partners’ resources to help you grow your startup.

What We Look for in Partners and Mentors

High-quality, experienced professionals: We want to train the best to be the best and we seek those who can help them exceed their goals.

Corporations who lead their industries: As we help our founders grow, we want to provide them with connections to corporations who are also setting records and breaking boundaries.

Startups that have stood the test of time: We look for those who know exactly what it takes succeed in competitive markets.

How to Partner with Renovatio PR

We’re always looking for industry leaders to share their expertise. We’d love for you to speak at a weekly dinner during our startup camp or to review products or services during demo day. If you have another idea for a partnership, please contact us.