Accelerating growth and incubating change

We know founders face unique challenges – because we’ve been founders. We are here to support you at each step. With unique experience and expertise, we help guide you through the decision making for your business. No matter where you are in the startup process, we have resources to help you.

Our Startup Incubator Model

Our idea of building an ecosystem that gives startups the best possible chance to succeed begins with the founders. Renovatio PR welcomes the brightest entrepreneurs who understand the application of blockchain and distributed ledger technology to improve existing methodologies. We seek passionate founders with the imagination and ambition to make their startups thrive.

Working with us, founders gain access to our network of experts, mentors, potential investors and a collaborative community. We help founders succeed with our unique approach to creating a community of support through mentors, investors, talent and partners.

What Challenges Is Your Startup Facing?

Financing: Do you need access to investors ready to assist your business? Do you need additional funding? Learn more about our investors.

Needing a startup business plan: Do you have an idea that needs refining? Do you know where potential pitfalls lie? Do you know how to create a sustainable business model? Learn more about our mentors.

Accelerating your startup: Do you have a startup in its early stages that needs an extra push? Do you need help with the next step to launching your unique business — building your prototype or finding your first customers? Do you need to network more in your field? Learn more about accelerating your business.

Why Join Renovatio PR?

  • We specialize in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. We focus solely on your industry, so we can give the best possible expertise and service to our startups.
  • We have options for founders — from financing to mentoring to accelerating your startup, we can help you wherever you are in the startup process.
  • We are located in Puerto Rico, a startup-friendly, welcoming place.
  • We have years of business and technology expertise to help you through the startup process.
  • Our unique model focuses on building a collaborative community, with resources at your fingertips whenever you need them.

Ready to join? Contact us.