Producing enduring contributions to innovation through shared learning and collaboration.

Culture of Helpfulness

Through a collaborative community, Renovatio PR empowers startups to transform their ideas from strategy to investment, incubation and success. We help uncover insightful patterns, challenge assumptions and explore emerging customer needs, new business models and cutting-edge technology. We identify risks and opportunities, and translate them into viable business options.

We give founders a place to do their best work, come to understand their company inside and out, and then identify the best investment opportunities in the industry. With our partners and mentors, founders can join forces with blockchain, distributed ledger and crypto-asset experts who have a different way of thinking and embrace product development at a grassroots level. Our successful applicants gain access to a suite of talented individuals, networking functions, advisors and subject matter experts to help them reach potential customers.


Our idea of building an ecosystem that gives startups the best possible chance to succeed begins with the founders. Renovatio PR welcomes the brightest entrepreneurs who understand the application of blockchain and distributed ledger technology to improve existing methodologies. We seek passionate founders with the imagination and ambition to make their startups thrive. Working with us, founders gain access to our network of experts, mentors, potential investors and a collaborative community.


Find the next big idea to invest in with us. Renovatio PR creates win-win solutions by connecting interested parties with a community of the best startups in the industry. We are in the business of finding the best opportunities in the development of crypto assets, blockchains and distributed ledgers, and support startups in a variety of stages. Our investors are dedicated to supporting founders as they scale their startups and encourage the forward motion of blockchain and distributed ledger technology. Investor support helps build the infrastructure needed to sustain the emerging sectors in which our founders and their startups innovate.


Our talents work with startups on all facets of their business. We pride ourselves on tapping the brightest talent in the industry to ensure the forward motion of our ecosystem. We are made up of technologists, developers, designers, infrastructure experts, strategic thinkers and feasibility specialists, offering a full scope of services from advising to execution. The roles of our talents are evaluated on a case-by-case basis in order to determine what is best for founders and the most efficient ways to help transform their ideas into a viable product or service. Our talents work collaboratively to expand our capabilities, focus on our strengths, and contribute to the overall success of crypto assets and the application of blockchain and distributed ledger technologies.


Because meaningful guidance is essential to a startup’s success, we match startups with the mentors who can best help them. Renovatio PR has built a world-class mentor network of successful entrepreneurs, industry experts, executives, investors, technologists and academics. Effective mentors force founders to ask themselves tough questions and offer different perspectives to challenge assumptions. We find that founders learn best from other successful entrepreneurs, so we place a high value on our mentors’ startup experience and their capability to build and scale companies.


Renovatio PR forges partnerships that are built to last. By leveraging powerful connections between our founders and partners, these startups can quickly grow and scale. Our dedicated partners work with us by investing in opportunities that drive strategic and financial returns across all sectors. Through their support, our business-savvy partners enable us to systematically incubate new businesses and business lines.