Puerto Rico

Creating an economic and regulatory environment that encourages digital technology companies to locate and build businesses in Puerto Rico.

Renovatio means “new life” or “rebirth”. Renovatio PR represents our commitment to innovation, entrepreneurship and economic development in Puerto Rico.

Why Puerto Rico?

As a U.S. territory, Puerto Rico allows U.S. citizens to travel freely to and from, with no passport needed. No work permit is needed for U.S. citizens, and since the U.S. dollar is the legal tender, no currency exchange is necessary either. There are daily nonstop flights between the mainland and San Juan every hour, so travel arrangements are simple to manage. Founders living here can experience the Caribbean paradise lifestyle with some of the world’s top beaches and golf courses, an open environment, and business-friendly accommodations.

Tax Advantages

Puerto Rico has numerous advantages for new businesses, including tax incentives for businesses and individuals who relocate here (otherwise known as the “Act 20/22” programs). There are significantly lower corporate tax rates starting as low as 4% and no individual taxes on capital gains. Puerto Rico also has a vibrant, “can do” entrepreneurial culture, a well-educated work force, and welcoming business environment, making it the ideal choice for the next Silicon Valley.

The Economy

Renovatio PR is working toward being an elite contributor to the development of Puerto Rico, and recognizes the immense possibilities to grow the economy and create advancements. We are utilizing our incubator initiative to help make Puerto Rico the next Silicon Valley of the fintech industry.

Advancement in Puerto Rico

Renovatio PR sources and promotes innovative ideas, invests in them directly or through third-party investments, and helps them flourish into full-fledged successful companies in Puerto Rico. Together we create jobs and help position Puerto Rico as a key player in the world of fintech.