We’re working with these game-changing fintech companies to transform existing methodologies.

Beyond Sigma Technologies

Beyond Sigma Technologies offers unparalleled consultancy and advisory services, technology and innovation to improve performance and drive growth initiatives. With over 200 years of combined experience delivering world-class solutions, we have the expertise to assess and implement strategic proposals, methodologies and technology to deliver feasible results.

Renovatio Labs

Renovatio’s in-house technology initiatives, focused on research, development and implementation of next-gen digital solutions.


Real2me specializes in innovative software development and application with a focus on designing, developing and delivering complex distributed ledger/blockchain technology applications.

Matrix Commodity Finance

Matrix Commodity Finance (MCF) structures and facilitates the sale of trade finance assets to diverse pools of capital through dynamic auctions. MCF is uniquely positioned in the global commodity sector and is highly regarded as a developer of innovative financial products and proprietary technologies for use by multinational commodity corporations, trading houses and institutional buyers.