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We’re creating an ecosystem of fintech visionaries that attracts startups to Puerto Rico and ensures their success.


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The startup hub for fintech innovation and development is forming now.

Focused on blockchain technology and its limitless potential and application, we are transforming traditional business and finance infrastructure into lucrative opportunities for innovative startups. A new Silicon Valley in Puerto Rico provides the ideal environment to generate unexplored ideas and develop them into game-changing products or services. Through our incubator initiative, we provide funding, a network of expert resources, and a culture of helpfulness to facilitate startup success.


Puerto Rico

Why? test It's an innovator's paradise. A U.S. territory, Puerto Rico offers significant tax advantages, an open crypto-assets environment, a conveniently accessible location and Caribbean lifestyle.


    What We Do

    We enable startups and their success through seed funding, a focused environment, a community of fintech innovators, expert advice and minimal interference.


      The Format

      Startups and talents are immersed in an entrepreneurial environment where they develop innovative ideas into compelling offerings that are ready to be launched.


        Job Board

        Join the transformation. Bring your talent to our team as we cultivate a fintech incubator in Puerto Rico.


          • Source
          • Assess
          • Refine



          • Investors
          • Partners
          • Financial Structuring



          • Business Development
          • Operational / MGMT Support
          • Community


          Our vision as a fintech incubator is to promote ideas, finance development and ensure success through our think tank, investment firm and incubator initiative.


          We source new ideas and invite innovation. We assess those ideas for viability and future potential.Finally, we further develop and refine the idea.


          We start the process of venture funding, seeking investors and expert partners. From there, we determine the best financial structure to secure the startup.


          With a roadmap for business development, we provide operational and management support and connect you with a collaborative community that ca overcome any challenge.


          ALL FAQs

          Yes. We are looking for talented individuals to help us advance companies with a focus in blockchain-enabled technology and cryptocurrency trading. Learn more about our Community and apply today.

          Unfortunately no. We are helping grow the economy in Puerto Rico by building businesses, like yours, so it would need to be in person. It would be acceptable to leave one founder at home, but the rest, including the CEO, must live in Puerto Rico during the three-month funding cycle.

          With a focus on crypto assets trading, trading and fintech applications, and financial product innovation, we enable startups and their success. We provide seed funding, a focused environment, a community of fintech innovators, expert advice and minimal interference. Learn more.

          Of course! We can help startups that haven’t already raised a series A round of venture capital financing. However, try to avoid incorporating. It will be easier to start with our documentation than to transfer an existing LLC to a corporation.

          Apply here. We are currently evaluating applications on a case-by-case basis and will launch our first formal startup batches in 2019.

          Absolutely. We fund many startups that have.